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BIED Society welcomes Ms. Vanessa Clark- International Affairs Specialist

I am a passionate and proud member of the BIED Society hoping to expand my knowledge in International affairs. For five years I’ve lived in Brussels, Belgium and attended an International School which sparked my interest for International Affairs and politics. As an international student I was able to travel and embark on a variety of interactive service-learning experiences that focused on providing medical services and humanitarian aid to local communities, and alleviating poverty in underdeveloped regions through education and youth empowerment. My most recent position as a campaign fellow allowed me to enhance my skills and specialization in community development, political leadership, and fundraising.

Latin America has emerged as one of the most important regions in relation to the U.S. and other countries around the world. I have been fortunate enough to travel to Honduras and Ecuador to study and research youth development, the impact of gang violence in communities and primary education. Most recently I participated in the Washington Model of the Organization of American States where my delegation represented Honduras through a virtual debate. Through my position at the BIED Society, I hope to shed light and highlight upon the most pressing issues and topics throughout the region.


The BIED Society is lucky to have Ms. Vanessa Clark on our team and we look forward to learning from her! We are an International Think Tank devoted to professional development of international affairs and national security professionals. We have a strong Research Fellowship Program recruiting now for January's next cohort.

If you want to see what Vanessa is up to these days, come join the International Affairs conversation here,

This is our International Affairs Academy, a Document of the Day - Free Professional Development. We read a different International Affairs Document each day and comment on it in the BIED Society Blog. You can join us,

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We hope to see your insight soon and we look forward to learning from you!


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