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BIED Society welcomes Ms. Madison Waier- East Africa Specialist

I am a specialist in the eastern region of Africa. The East African Community (EAC) is a prosperous region and is becoming an increasingly important area for the global economy. I am studying this region to gain a better understanding of the potential contributions the EAC can make to the world and what the rest of the world can do to aid in their future developments. The movie Hotel Rwanda inspired me to do my own research on the continent and ever since the Eastern Region of Africa has been an interest of mine. Recently, I had the opportunity to assist a refugee in Malawi in learning English.

The BIED Society is lucky to have Ms. Madison Waier on our team and we look forward to learning from her! We are an International Think Tank devoted to professional development of international affairs and national security professionals. We have a strong Research Fellowship Program recruiting now for January's next cohort.


If you want to see what Madison is up to these days, come join the International Affairs conversation here,

This is our International Affairs Academy, a Document of the Day - Free Professional Development. We read a different International Affairs Document each day and comment on it in the BIED Society Blog. You can join us,

(1) Read the article from the link above,

(2) Create a Blog account (just need an email, name, and photo), and

(3) Post a comment in the IAA Forum at the bottom link after reading the Document of the day.

We hope to see your insight soon and we look forward to learning from you!


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