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BIED Society welcomes Mr. Nathan Danko-Cyber Psychology Specialist

Work at the BIED Society has nurtured my professional development. While specializing in cyber-psychology, I have been able to network with professionals both inside and outside of my field. I am confident that my accomplishments with the BIED Society have made me a more marketable professional. While working with the BIED Society, I have found more opportunities to acquire competitive certifications and complete training courses related to my field. I feel more prepared for future careers in cyber-security after signing on to the BIED Society.

My research interest is in cyber-security. I find viewing events in cyberspace from different geopolitical perspectives to be informative. I aim to bring diverse and unique perspectives to my projects. My college career majoring in cyber-security and forensic psychology has provided me the foundation I base my career on. While originally from Michigan, I studied abroad in Germany. I learned a lot from my experiences abroad and let those experiences help shape who I am today.


If you want to see what Nathan is up to these days, come join the International Affairs conversation here,

This is our International Affairs Academy, a Document of the Day - Free Professional Development. We read a different International Affairs Document each day and comment on it in the BIED Society Blog.

You can join us,

(1) Read the article from the link above,

(2) Create a Blog account (just need an email, name, and photo), and

(3) Post a comment in the IAA Forum at the bottom link after reading the Document of the day.

We hope to see your insight soon and we look forward to learning from you!


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