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BIED Society Jobs

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The BIED Society is part International Affairs Association helping train and educate the future leaders in our career fields.  We are also a grant writing training center helping researchers get funding for their research desires.  Finally, we do government and International Organization contracting.  This means that we regularly have many job opportunities, research opportunities, and training opportunities.


We have a rolling recruitment process and want you to submit your resume and application indicating when your expecting to start.  With 20 Centers, we have many opportunities available.  Please only submit one application and confirm what is the most desire-able Center to work.  We promote branding your specialty, writing many different ways to increase academic proficiency while building a dynamic and professional skill set.

About Available Positions

  • 2023 Research Specialists    (taking applications now)

  • 2023 Young Professionals Program (accepting applications now)

  • 2022 Publication Fellows (accepting application through Dec.)

  • 2023 Publication Fellows (Currently accepting application now)

  • 2023 International Affairs Fellows (Must be Registered for a 2023 Study Abroad)

  • 2023 Policy Commissioners  (PhD level, Post Doc, Tenor Track Professors, etc.)

  • 2023 Senior Fellow (Once approved you can sign up for your classes)

  • Space Policy Director

  • Ethical Journalism Director

  • Ethical Journalism Assistant Directors (x2)

  • International Energy Director

  • International Energy Assistant Directors (x2)

Legal Consultant
Break from Reading


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