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D.C. and International

Conferences are a chance for our members to publish and present their research. It is also an opportunity to network with partner organizations and policy professionals. Each D.C. conference focuses on a different group of our Centers. Each International conference is an opportunity for our Senior Fellows and Policy Commissioners to work and network while abroad.

The BIED Society has three D.C. International Affairs conferences scheduled each year. These are great opportunities to meet your peers and showcase your original research.

Conferences are a great way to network, get to know each other, grow professional contacts, share ideas, be introduced to new ideas and thoughts, and have an opportunity to share our research with others in a chance to make it better. We are committed to helping each other be stronger and more capable international affairs professionals. Fellows have an opportunity to work on the conference committees in their centers to plan events, speakers, and additional activities.



  • Specialists

  • Fellows

  • Assistant Directors

  • Directors

  • Senior Fellows

  • Speakers and Vendors

We publish the BIED Society Review for our D.C. Conferences.

The Review is an international affairs journal providing non-partisan analysis of policies in the US and abroad.

We created our Study Abroad programs because our International Affairs community loves to get stamps on their passports, see new cultures, and learn new things. Instead of a Conference model, say in London, we have a series of cruises to allow you to learn and see the world. It is also great to bring your family and get some work done. You can build your career and balance your family.

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D.C. Conference

National Artificial Intelligence Conference

November 18-19, 2023

National Policy Division

Our three Study Abroad Programs are:​

  • International Affairs Fellows (Entry to Mid Career)

  • Policy Commissioners (Mid to Senior Career)

  • Senior Fellows (Senior Career Publishing Program)

Each Study abroad has a mix of these three programs. We work hard to establish the proper balance between work and family. Our meetings take place around a meal. Because we structure meetings around meals to optimize our time together, your family may be eating without you from time to time. However, you will have plenty of time to spend with your family to enjoy the ports and the ship.

We publish the BIED Society Global Comparative Policy Journal for each of our Study Abroad, International Conferences. 

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