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The BIED Society would like to welcome Ms. Jasmine Wilkens- Counter Terrorism Specialist.

Jasmine Wilkens

As a professional who studies International Justice, being a part of the BIED Society allows me the opportunity to analyze different global approaches that have been taken in preventing acts of terror. In many countries, governments must decide how to handle non-state actors without inciting violence themselves or violating sovereignty. Since, Global Security and Diplomacy is my research interest, I have enjoyed the professional opportunity to witness how difficult it can be for regions struggling with complex hostilities.

Ms. Wilkens has dedicated time to counter terrorism research and working with global experts. While dealing with radicalization and violent extremism, her priorities are to build other professionals while sharpening her skills.

The BIED Society is excited to learn from Jasmine and we look forward to working together to make a safer world for all citizens.


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