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The BIED Society would like to welcome Mr. Justin Spusta-Security Specialist in Forensic Psychology.

Mr. Spusta has a research interest in National Security & Forensic Psychology. As a research assistant, he developed a better understanding of the relationship between Eastern Europe and the Middle East. International relations and foreign policy are passions of mine and working as a specialist with the BIED Society allows me to network at the international level.

Being part of a team is important, as these topics are complex and require understanding at many different levels. The team approach allows me to learn and contribute while gaining an advanced appreciation to these global policy issues.


If you want to see what I am up to these days, come join the International Affairs conversation here,

This is our International Affairs Academy, a Document of the Day - Free Professional Development. We read a different International Affairs Document each day and comment on it in the BIED Society Blog. You can join us, (1) Read the article from the link above, (2) Create a Blog account (just need an email, name, and photo), and (3) Post a comment in the IAA Forum at the bottom link after reading the Document of the day. We hope to see your insight soon and we look forward to learning from you!


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