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BIED Society welcomes Mr. Roy Rashke-Federal Law Enforcement Specialist

The BIED Society would like to welcome Roy Rashke to the International Affairs community as a Federal Law Specialist in Forensic Science. The BIED Society has allowed Roy to expand his network, work with area professionals, and conduct meaningful research in various conferences, scholarly publications, and International associations. Mr. Rashke has a background of being an Army Artilleryman, Corrections Officer, and 9-1-1 Dispatcher. His public service gives him unique perspective as he interacts with his international counterparts. As a natural leader he excels at helping others and is a constant professional.

The BIED Society is lucky to have Roy Rashke on our team and we look forward to learning from him! We are an International Think Tank devoted to professional development of international affairs and national security professionals. We have a strong Research Fellowship Program recruiting now for January's next cohort.


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