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Space Strategy for Europe

The final document for the IAA Spring 2021 semester is the European Commission's Space Strategy for Europe. This foundational work justifies the EU's interests in space and sets out how the Commission intends to develop the European Space Sector. Read the full strategy here:

"Space matters for Europe.

Europe — the Member States, the European Space Agency (ESA), the European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites (EUMETSAT) and the EU — has achieved many successes in space with breakthrough technologies and exploration missions, such as ESA's Rosetta mission, unique Earth observation and meteorology capabilities, such as Meteosat, and world-leading commercial telecommunications and launch systems with the Ariane family and Vega. Europe represents today the second largest public space budget in the world1 with programmes and facilities spanning different European countries. Between 2014-2020, the EU alone will invest over EUR 12 billion in space activities. It owns world-class space systems with Copernicus for Earth observation, EGNOS3 and Galileo for satellite navigation and geo-positioning. With 18 satellites currently in orbit and over 30 planned in the next 10-15 years, the EU is the largest institutional customer for launch services in Europe.

Space technologies, data and services have become indispensable in the daily lives of European citizens: when using mobile phones and car navigation systems, watching satellite TV or withdrawing cash. Satellites provide immediate information when disasters, such as earthquakes, forest fires or floods strike, allowing emergency and rescue teams to better coordinate their efforts. Agriculture benefits from improved land use. Transportation and energy infrastructure is safer and can be more efficiently managed thanks to satellite technologies. Global challenges due to growing populations, increased demand for resources and climate change require information about our planet which space based solution can provide more easily.

Space technologies, data and services can support numerous EU policies and key political priorities, including the competitiveness of our economy, migration, climate change, the Digital Single Market and sustainable management of natural resources. Space is also of strategic importance for Europe. It reinforces Europe’s role as a stronger global player and is an asset for its security and defence. Space policy can help boost jobs, growth and investments in Europe. Investing in space pushes the boundaries of science and research. Europe has a world-class space sector, with a strong satellite manufacturing industry, which captures around 33 % of the open world markets, and a dynamic downstream services sector with a large number of SMEs. The European space economy, including manufacturing and services, employs over 230 000 professionals and its value was estimated at EUR 46-54 billion in 2014, representing around 21% of the value of the global space sector.

The overall international space context is changing fast: competition is increasing; new entrants are bringing challenges and new ambitions in space; space activities are becoming increasingly commercial with greater private sector involvement; and major technological shifts are disrupting traditional industrial and business models in the sector, reducing the cost of accessing and using space. The combination of space data with digital technologies and

other sources of data open up many business opportunities for all Member States.

Europe must work together to promote its position as a leader in space, increase its share on the world space markets, and seize the benefits and opportunities offered by space. Building on Article 189 of the Treaty (TFEU), the Commission is therefore proposing a new Space strategy for Europe focused on four strategic goals."

Chime in on the discussion about the Commission's Space Strategy for Europe at the forum here:

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