U.S. Economic Security of Households (2016): Review


International Affairs Academy, Document of the Day, Free Professional Development

This report is the first in a series investigating the current economic situations of Americans. What are areas of strength and weakness? What factors contribute to household-level economic insecurity, and what are sources of resilience?

The first issue brief will motivate and set the stage for the following briefs by providing an overview of the long-run trends in the economic situation and outlook for American households over the past forty years. There will be two contributions of this brief. First, we will examine how earnings have changed at over time at each age for American workers.

Second, we will describe the evolution of income levels and the income distribution of American households. We will specifically look at the experience of different generations as their income evolves over their lives. And we will look at differences across educational groups and different parts of the income distribution. Future briefs will examine issues such as perceptions of economic security, household income volatility, the transition into the labor market for young adults, assets and debts, retirement security, and the role of the safety net.