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The Looming Cyber War in the Gulf

"Since its widespread introduction, the internet has had a profound impact on the social, political, and economic activities of people all over the world. Indeed, its growth potential in information distribution is unprecedented and hardly witnessed during the entire history of the human race. However, the Internet is much more than an instrument, or medium, of information exchange and sharing: it is a global system of physically interconnected computer networks that link an infinite array of devices around the world.

There is no consensus among cybersecurity and national security experts on what qualifies as a network-centric attack that would constitute an act of war. The concept of cyber war is still being debated globally.

Iran has been developing and implementing a strategy to conduct cyber warfare since 2012. The policy came into full force when Iran's Supreme Leader Khamenei announced the creation of the Supreme Cyber Security Council.

Thus far, Iran has surpassed the Gulf States in developing its cybersecurity capabilities. Iran has some of the best educational, academic research institutions, and state enterprises in computer science, information systems, and math that surpass its Gulf rivals in number and quality. These institutions have a direct impact in producing current and future cyber warriors that will most likely serve Tehran's cybersecurity interests. The primary challenge facing the Gulf states is their ability to integrate cyber power into their current military, intelligence, and academic institutions."

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