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The BIED Society is getting ready for a successful academic year, albeit a unique year with COVID-19

There will be some great changes with the BIED Society this year. Starting with a strong partnership with the Washington Center, an organization devoted to providing College students with internships with leading Washington D.C. institutions. We have built upon our partnership with summer interns and now 10 energetic students have been hired to cultivate their International Affairs Specialization. We are excited to introduce them to you and have you get to know them soon. We are also rolling out a flagship program called the BIED Society's International Affairs Academy, a Document of the Day - Free Professional Development for all International disciplines. The website will have a fresh look and we are planning three book projects, (1) Nobel Prize, (2) U.S. Fulbright Program, & (3) U.S. Foreign Service. There will be many more changes coming this year and we hope you can join us in some of these activities. Together we will have a great end to 2020 and a productive 2021.

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