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Summer BIED Society Review is here!!!! Take a look at our new authors. Our Summer conference is here! Our key speaker Kriti Upadhyaya, gave a great talk on India! We are actively recruiting new

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Averie Shroba
Averie Shroba
Dec 09, 2020

The Nobel Prize is one of the most important awards a person can receive. It is one of the most prestigious awards given out today. The people who win these awards are some of the most influential individuals of our time period. The creator of the prize, Alfred Nobel, was famously known for inventing dynamite. He held 355 different patents for his work. The element nobelium was named after him. Nobel became a wealthy businessman off of military explosives. His brother Ludvig died in his factory. When the newspapers came out with the obituary, they mistakenly put Alfred’s obituary instead. They called Alfred Nobel “the merchant of death”. Nobel hated the legacy he was going to leave behind, so he…

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