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International Affairs Academy- Conversation on Space Force (Episode #1)

International Affairs Academy, Document of the Day - Free Professional Development

Photo by: Staff Sgt. James Richardson

The BIED Society launched their International Affairs Academy back in September and it has been a huge success. It is a Document of the Day review of key international affairs documents and helps our members to stay current on vital issues in the International Affairs community. It is seen as Free Professional Development and we encourage all International Affairs professionals to join our community. We want to learn from you and your experiences. You can join the conversation and join the blog here at

The key Virtual trainings have also begun and we tackled Space Force first. It is a key topic and many do not know much about the newly formed organization. Please enjoy our first episode of our International Affairs Academy (IAA) REVIEW sometimes referred to as a webinar or virtual interview.


We want to hear from you and learn from your experiences, Please join our SPACE conversation here, This blog is a Document of the Day - Free Professional Development. It takes a second to add your name and email to get a Blog Profile (we also ask that you include a picture so we can help build your professional network and see who we are talking too). Don't sit on the sidelines, join in on the conversation....

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