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Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs Statement on Taiwan

This statement details the People's Republic of China's official position on the status of Taiwan. Full statement accessible here:

"On 20 May 2020, US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo issued a statement congratulating Tsai Ing-wen, the leader of the Taiwan region, on her assumption of office. He addressed Tsai as the so-called "president" and crowed over the so-called US "partnership" with Taiwan. In addition, some US government officials and politicians sent congratulatory video messages to Tsai. Such moves have severely violated the one-China principle and the stipulations of the three Sino-US joint communiqués. They constituted a gross interference in China's internal affairs. The Chinese side hereby expresses its strong indignation and condemnation.

There is only one China in the world, and Taiwan is an inseparable part of the Chinese territory. It is clearly stipulated in the Joint Communiqué on the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between the People's Republic of China and the United States of America that "The United States of America recognizes the Government of the People's Republic of China as the sole legal Government of China. Within this context, the people of the United States will maintain cultural, commercial, and other unofficial relations with the people of Taiwan." The above-mentioned rhetoric and moves by the US have severely violated the one-China principle and the stipulations of the three joint communiqués, and run counter to the commitment made by the US government. They have sent a wrong signal to the "Taiwan independence" elements, and seriously undermined not only the peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait but also China-US relations.

The Taiwan question concerns China's sovereignty and territorial integrity. It is a matter of China's core interests. The Chinese government and people are firm in our determination to oppose separatist activities for "Taiwan independence" and to safeguard China's national sovereignty and territorial integrity. We are firm in our determination to oppose any foreign meddling in China's internal affairs. We are firm in our determination to realize the reunification of the two sides across the Taiwan Strait. We want to make it solemnly clear to the US side that the agenda for "Taiwan independence" will go nowhere. Any attempt to embolden or support separatist elements is doomed to fail. Any action that jeopardizes China's core interests and interferes in China's internal affairs will be met with forceful reaction from the Chinese side. Nothing could stop the historical trend toward China's reunification. We urge the US side to immediately correct its mistake and act in strict accordance with the one-China principle and the stipulations of the three joint communiqués. The US side must stop official interactions and moves aimed at upgrading substantive relations with Taiwan. It must stop meddling in China's internal affairs, and must terminate all moves and rhetoric that may jeopardize cross-Strait peace and stability and China-US relations as a whole.

China will take necessary measures in response to the aforementioned wrong moves by the US. The US side must bear all consequences to arise therefrom."

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