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Welcome Samantha Gay to our Senior Fellowship Research Team

BIED Society is proud to announce Samantha Gay, Brown University '14, Chicago, IL as an International Affairs Senior Fellow. She was a Fellow in 2015 and we are excited to have her as a Senior Fellow in 16-17.

Samantha Gay is an energetic professional interested in participating in the BIED Society mission. She graduated from Brown University in May 2014 with a degree in International, Comparative Politics, and Medieval Cultures. Samantha currently lives and works in the great city of Chicago as an Immigration Law Paralegal. She comes to the BIED Society with a strong background in international relations and public policy publishing (specifically with two academic journals), international political economy, regime analysis, and geography. Ms. Gay’s research interests are varied, but all revolve around geo-political regime analysis, intra-and international security efforts, and political economy. She appreciate taking examples through historical narratives to serve as comparative platforms. Regionally, Samantha is highly interested in East Asia, Northern Europe, and Central Asia; although, with inter-dependence constantly affecting the global stage, studying dynamics between any specified regions and their allies/rivals. As a specialist in immigration, she can relate to the growing global migrations due from war, security, and lack of opportunity. She is therefore interested in studying geo-social dynamics with migration and immigration issues in the U.S. and in other countries. Ms. Samantha Gay says, “I would like to join the BIED Society, an international think tank because the behavioral aspect of economic development brings unusual but critical issues to the surface, and I would be eager to both learn about these interactions, dynamics, and publish my research results. I am excited to contribute to the BIED Society by eagerly offering ideas to group discussions, taking in lessons from my peers and developing policy positions that are grounded and functional for this changing world.”

We are excited to welcome Ms. Samantha Gay into the BIED Society family and look forward to her research and strong personal interaction on the international stage.

International Affairs Fellow Application - Click Here

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