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Welcome Evgeniya Basheva, European Cyber Security Fellow.

The BIED Society is proud to introduce Evgeniya Basheva as our 2015, European Cyber Security Fellow. She will be opening up the European Region in 2016 with our Europe team, Chairing the London Social Committee 2015-2017, and working on our new International Micro Tiger Teams in 2015.

Ms Evgeniya Basheva studied at the University of Bradford in the United Kingdom. She excelled in research and academics in the renowned Peace Department studying International Relations and Security Studies. Evgeniya, also known as Jenny, studied Mandarin Chinese in the People’s Republic of China. She has also studied language and business at East China Normal University in Shanghai, PRC. Jenny has extensive knowledge and field experience in organized crime specifically in European countries. Currently, Jenny is specializing in Cisco Security Programmes while completing her Masters in Cyber Security.

“I am very pleased to become a part of BIED and eager to support its growth internationally. This young organisation has great potential in developing a strong community of like- minded people. A society through research and participation, can introduce different views, ideas on policy, and international affairs. A fellowship in BIED is an opportunity in consolidating my personal development and emphasizing my professional practice. I am much inspired by the BIED Mission and looking forward to contribute in its evolution long into the future.”

Please join us in welcoming Jenny Basheva to the BIED Society!

Ask us about our new International Micro Tiger Teams, opportunities to get published, work on international collaborative research and policy teams, present material at International conferences, and participate in a premier International Think Tank community, write

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