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Welcome Antony Andrious, Executive Vice President of the Europe Region

Mr. Antony Andrious has extensive experience in International Relations and Management with a career in the U.S. Military and various international organizations like the United Nations. He is well traveled and committed to personal growth contributing to the greater good of mankind. Antony Andrious has more than 12 years in strategic communication driving effective collaborations. A highlight of his career was commanding Wounded Warrior Battalion - a place where the Marine Corps allows its combat wounded, ill, and injured to heal. Mr. Andrious also volunteers his time with the Semper Fidelis Health and Wellness (SFHW) Organization as the Strategic Development Director. He currently holds a baccalaureate in Economics and a baccalaureate in International Relations. His Master's degree is in National Security and Strategic Decision Making.

His goal for opening the Europe Region in 2016 is to build a premier team in 2015. Anyone interested in getting involved as a fellow, economic cartoonist, journalist, researcher, and international development, diplomat, or defense professional should feel free to contact him at for more details. Antony has a strong passion for promoting individual progress within growing an organization in a positive and supportive manner. We are excited to bring him on board and look forward to introducing him to the team during April's 12-15 Conference from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to Ft Lauderdale, Fl via the Bahamas. He is especially excited about the ROTC promotion being coordinated at many states to bring young energetic minds to the international conversation.

Please join us in welcoming Antony to the BIED Society!

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