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As a student who studies International Justice being a part of the BIED Society allows me the opportunity to analyze the different global approaches that have been taken in preventing acts of terror. In many countries, governments must decide how to handle non-state actors without inciting violence themselves or violating sovereignty. Since,Global Security and Diplomacy is my minor I have had the chance to simulate how difficult that can be for regions where attacks are more frequent.

The world is always evolving, proactively monitoring new threats and adapting to the consequences of past events. Counter-terrorism not only involves cooperative strategies but collaborative intelligence and the world cannot eradicate an enemy that is not defined universally. I have dedicated my time to this specialization to fulfill my goal of meeting and working with expert individuals that are dealing with radicalization and violent extremism in current time across the globe.

  • Winter 21 Cohort
    Winter 21 Cohort
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    Foreign Affairs
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