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Patrick McGivern
Summer 21 Cohort
Jul 13, 2021
This article brings up a good point that many people do not understand when it comes to terrorist groups within our country. When an attack happens and a terrorist group that is based overseas, people are confused as to how these people got into our country. What they do not realize is the recruiting power of these radical groups. The article mentions how they are utilizing the internet and social media to recruit people into their terrorist groups. That means that the people committing these acts of terror in the our country could never have had physical contact with other members of this terrorist group. However, because they have connection with them through the internet and they were encouraged to commit this act by their ideologies, that terrorist group can now claim responsibility for the attack. Putting a stop to radical group recruitment would make a big difference in our domestic terrorism levels, as well as our issue of terrorism overseas. Terrorist groups being able to claim credit for an attack in a country like the U.S. when they did not have to do any of the ground work is a huge win for them. They gain attention in the media which builds their reputation and spreads their message as a terrorist group. Taking away recognition from these terrorist groups would slowly suffocate and defeat them, because attention is what they want. They want people to pay attention to them so they listen to what they have to say and to spread their ideologies among other people. Ultimatley, if we can keep terrorist recruitment levels low, then that will result in a lower domestic terrorism rate. If people are not given the opportunity to radicalize, it is less likeley they will go out of there way to join a terrorist group.

Patrick McGivern

Summer 21 Cohort
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