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Pauline Kabambi
Summer 21 Cohort
Jun 09, 2021
"Democracy" as the engine of world peace, with the United States leading the way, is one of the primary highlights of the Interim National Security Strategy. However, the United States' foreign policy has been arguably terrible over the decades. Many times, foreign policies failed to fulfill their intended goals, whether it was due to lack of understanding of the countries' political climate or simply reacting to world affairs events that presented a threat to the US position as hegemony. With that being said, I believe that in the twenty-first century, the United States should not seek to impose its "values" on other countries, but rather work with individual countries to achieve self-determination through bilateral agreements. Let's keep in mind that since the post-colonial era, the struggle of many nations has been against colonialism and imperialism (Africa, for example) in the pursuit of self-determination. While attempting to comply to globalization's rules, each region of the world today has unique obstacles. As a result, allowing them to search solutions inside themselves while providing aid if needed will be crucial. Finally, I believe the United States should reconsider its international policies when dealing with countries around the world. In fact, many countries are suspicious of the western model of democracy as a path to development as a result of China's recent economic ascent. Some nations have attempted to follow China's development model or another path for their own development. When the US engages in global affairs, these critical points should be taken into account.
Pauline Kabambi
Summer 21 Cohort
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