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BIED Society Policy Commissioners Program

Plans & Pricing

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Policy Commissioners Program



PhD s will be asked to go abroad on the Study Abroad Conferences.

Valid for 18 months


Must attend 2 International Conferences (included in price)

**please visit programs page for full requirements list**

Reviewing the Laws


Description: PhD s will be asked to go abroad on the Study Abroad Conferences. This allows them to produce one individual paper and a second group paper on a key policy issue.

Core focus: Travel; Writing; Collaboration; Comparative Policy Review

Specialty: Choose from one of our 20 Policy Centers

Clients: Doctoral students, PhD’s, Post-Doc, tenured professors. The Program is reserved for mid-career faculty in international affairs or any of our Policy Center specialties. They have more policy publishing responsibilities, and less time to honor them. Our conference cruises reduce the time commitment, while allowing Clients to publish two papers, network with an international group of peers, and learn new skills to stay sharp in their field.

Commitment: 18 months


  • Attend 2 BIED Society Study Abroad conferences (on the Norwegian Cruise line) within 18 months

  • Write (1) an individual paper and write (1) a group paper for the BIED Society’s Global Comparative Journal.

  • Present your research to an international audience

Importance: This Program is perfect for Tenor Track professors and aspiring professors.  Our Policy Commissions bring in experts in vast areas of specialization to look at overseas policies.  By studying comparative policies a level of understanding happens which can then be used in your national pursuits.  We double the size of our normal publications from 10 pages to 20 pages and require one policy review over three or more countries.  Focus is on understanding key policies first and then helping to make them better.  This Program promotes career growth on many levels and encourages publishing, self-improvement, and collaboration skills at the national and international level.  It's important for tenured professors to get off their campus and test themselves, grow their networks nationally and internationally, and continue to stay sharp in their discipline while gaining new policy skills. 

Key Achievements for Clients:

  • Publish two policy papers, one personal policy review & one collaborative Policy review

  • Learn from international peers, a local cultural perspective on international policies

  • Grow your network away from your campus, gain international professional connections

  • Gain Policy skills or sharpen them

  • Build upon your Publishing Plan Portfolio

Would you choose to go to DC for 2 days and get published – or would you rather go on a cruise to the Caribbean for 3 days, have a vacation, bring your family, meet peers, and get published?

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