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BIED Society International Fellowship Program

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International Fellowship Program



Attend conference cruise and focus on writing for BIED Society's Global Comparative Journal.

Valid for 18 months


Must attend 2 International Conferences (included in price)

**please visit programs page for full requirements list**


Description: This is our new Fellowship program. It is focused on getting students overseas, seeing other cultures and experiences, and meeting new people. Students go on a conference cruise and focus on writing for our BIED Society's Global Comparative Journal.

Core focus: Travel; Writing; Policy Comparison

Specialty: Choose from one of our 20 Policy Centers

Clients: Graduate students, Graduate School Graduates, Professional with 3-15 years of experience. They see the need for specialization, want to work hard to be a better professional, and want to travel overseas.

Commitment: 18 months


  • Attending 2 BIED Society conferences, also known as Study Abroad Conferences (key Norwegian Cruises)

  • Writing 2 policy papers comparing one policy in three countries for the BIED Society’s Global Comparative Journal.  The papers are 20-pages APA articles for our flagship publication.

Importance: Regulatory Impact Analysis is a key skill for any policy professional

Key Achievements for Clients:

Getting hired at a senior level requires having certain skills, this shows perspective employers that you have analyzed key policies and are competent in Regulatory Impact Analysis.  Not only do we want you to be an expert in your area of specialty, but as your career matures we want you to be an expert in policy, policy comparison, policy implementation, policy management, policy writing, & policy negotiation. ​

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