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The BIED Growth Path Model Behavior Economic Labels

The original study was on international nation states from 2002-20012.  This new way of looking at behavior and development has spurred many new studies and encourages many more.  This book is about how it began, the beginings of the BIED-GPM, the new model, conditional matrix, economic development stages, growth paths, and development growth path clusters.  We hope you enjoy this diverse and multi disipline approach.  ​

    "We hold the thought that a positive lens is essential to a lively human spirit.  The attempt to avoid politics and learn different sides to an area of interest can open minds and possibilities, presenting new options.  While the world we live in is not void of politics, the exercise of learning benefits from setting aside positions to absorb new material.  This process works, and we enthusiastically embrace it."  Dr. Kenneth T. Davis  

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