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BIED Society Publications

The Behavioral International Economic Development Society is devoted to providing quality to its members and building better policies through building better policy professionals. We have put together a fun series of products to help you strengthen your understanding of the world in which we all live.  


Please enjoy our products!

BIED Society



The BIED Society has over the years published plenty of material.  We now focus on an International Affairs Conference Proceedings called the BIED Society REVIEW.  It is a great way to start your publishing portfolio.  It is peer reviewed and allows for plenty of professional evaluation during the writing process and after.  It is a 10-page APA article in your area of expertise.

BIED Society's

Global Comparative Journal

The GCJ is our flagship journal and is designed to be a policy analysis publication for Policy makers, Policy planners, Policy implementers, and Policy managers.  This is a 20 page APA peer reviewed journal looking at one policy over at least three countries.  This allows valuable comparisons and analysis to take place and provides important discussion and ultimately learning.

International Affairs Textbooks

We have a robust program built around helping prominent professionals to grow in there career and skills.  The Fellowship program promotes writing a or co-authoring a chapter of a textbook in year three. 

We also provide writing support for our Senior Fellows who want to pass along the wisdom of their professional career lessons.  Many have not written a large manuscript yet.  We provide training and support so the process is enjoyable, a learning experience, and a rewarding process.  Going it alone is not always the best option.  Having proper support can relieve stress and promote better work products.  Before you endeavor to write your manuscript by yourself, let's talk and see if we can assist in making the process better.

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