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I am a student at Stockton University pursuing a Bachelors and Masters degree in Forensic Psychology. My courses on history allowed me to explore my passion for learning about other countries. As a research assistant for one of my Professors, I developed a better understanding of the relationship between Eastern Europe and the Middle East. International relations and foreign policy are where my interests in history, the criminal justice system and psychology can all come together and be applied in my goal to help make the world more secure.

National security is an interest of mine because I grew up in an era when this nation seemed vulnerable to attack. National security is what led me to pursue a Bachelors and Masters in forensic psychology. While the program at my school is excellent, careers in national security are rarely brought up in my curriculum. That is why I am eager to work with the BIED Society, to not only further their mission but also to figure out what my mission is.

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Justin Spusta

Justin Spusta

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