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BIED Society Global Comparative Policy Journal


Our flagship Journal is a comparative journal focused on policy comparison and regulatory analysis.  One policy is considered from three different countries or International Organizations perspective.  This allows a robust reflection on policy options, items to consider, and options to avoid for our policy writing communities.  This research is also a quality debate for our Policy professionals in the implementation, management, and oversight communities. 


Journal Submissions

Journal submissions are welcome.  Your name needs to be on the paper.  You need to sign a release upon approval.  We are preparing for the 2023 release and look forward to reviewing your work.  More detailed submission requirements will come soon.


If you have sat as a reviewer on a peer reviewed journal before and would like to commit to a 2 or 3 year term, please contact the

Break from Reading



The BIED Society is excited to consider your Manuscript submission.  Quality is a paramount concern and all submissions are required to follow the Society Style Guide, see above.

The BIED Society REVIEW is a 10 page APA formatted paper with Bibliography pages not counted in the 10 pages.

The BIED Society's Global Comparative Journal is a 20 page APA formatted paper covering one policy topic over three countries. 

SUBMIT: Call for papers
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