BIED Society Internship Program

The BIED Society has a premier Fellowship Program open to postgraduates, graduates, and undergraduates in areas so National Security Fellows, International Affairs Fellows, Counter Terrorism Fellows, Congressional Fellows, and Science & Technology Fellows to name a few.


Fellows agree to a two-year Fellowship Program designed to grow and test desired skill sets, focus & refine your specialization, and add to your resume important professional accomplishments.


      Two-year commitment

  • Complete four written papers (approximately one every six months).  These papers will be planned and the first step in establishing your specialty, brand, and portfolio.

  • (2) One Conference a year (2 for each Fellowship)

  • (2) One Study Abroad a year (2 for each Fellowship)

  • (2) One Proposal or Grant a year (2 for each Fellowship)


      The Fellowships grow individual skills, matures research skills, creates a history of publishing, builds a foundation for a specialization and begins to brand that specialty, builds a professional portfolio, bolsters confidence, builds networks, and all while having fun in a professional supporting organization.