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The BIED Society has a publishing history of quality.  We have prepared our 2023-2024 BIED Society Style Book to help Specialists & Fellows prepare their manuscripts for submission.  Both the BIED Society REVIEW and the BIED Society's Global Comparison Journal use the Style Book to help promote standards in APA 7th Edition and in our publications.

BIED Society REVIEW (DC Conference Proceeding) - 10 Pages in APA

BIED Society's Global Comparative Journal - 20 pages in APA covering three countries perspective.


Manuscript Submissions

The BIED Society is excited to consider your Manuscript submission.  Quality is a paramount concern and all submissions are required to follow the Society Style Guide, see above.

The BIED Society REVIEW is a 10 page APA formatted paper with Bibliography pages not counted in the 10 pages.

The BIED Society's Global Comparative Journal is a 20 page APA formatted paper covering one policy topic over three countries. 

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