Far East Region

The Asia Division covers alot of territory, but is rich with culture and dynamic people.  It consists of China, Japan, S. Korea.


Hong Kong, China

Beijing, China

Shanghai, China


Seoul, South Korea


Tokyo, Japan

Naha, Japan

Asia Division


The Pacific Division covers Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii. 


Waikiki, Hawaii


Sydney, Australia

Brisbane, Australia

Melbourne, Australia


Christchurch, New Zealand

Wellington, New Zealand

Auckland, New Lealand



Pacific Division


Asia is key to modern economic interests and the BIED Society is excited to be involved.  While we have interests in Asia all articles will be in English and in APA format.  If you are interested in becoming an International Affairs Reseach Fellow please complete the application online.

Hong Kong

People's Republic of China

China is a wonderful place and it's great to see it prospering like it has.  There is no denying that China has great potential.  The BIED Society is excited to partner with key organizations and institutions to foster a strong international collaborative discussion with Asia and China.