Global Leadership Academy


    We have a diverse membership across the globe of professionals that want to improve their International Affairs skills and work with a supportive group of peers and mentors.  It is free to be a member and there are plenty of professional benefits to be a member.  Sign up and start networking with other members of the BIED Society.


    The Behavioral International Economic Development (BIED) Society is proud to host a strong intern program dedicated to promoting key college undergraduates by helping them explore the International and National Security fields and begin to shape their specialization while networking, researching, and by starting to grow and establish their brand.  Our internship program is about helping each individual get started on their specialization.  We help them network, study, research, and grow as an International Affairs professional.  


    We have a vibrant community of International Affairs, National Security, Intelligence, Science & Technology, Congressional, and other Fellows.  This is a dynamic community of people serious about their career and who want to excel in a fast pace work place.  They see the need for specialization and want to work hard to be a better professional.